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14442293059_a274ea36c2_kLearning new technology can be difficult, but the process of implementing it in your classroom successfully is even harder! NOVASTARTALK makes it easy to integrate technology into your teaching to support the needs of your students.  Our face-to-face workshop is open to teachers of all STARTALK languages.

Held at the Alexandria Campus of Northern Virginia Community College, participants learn practical tech tools chosen for their ability to engage students and support standards-based teaching and learning.  We offer hands-on instruction in a relaxed, friendly environment with personalized attention from our instructors. You’ll leave with products that you can use in your classroom that are aligned to the STARTALK principles, ACTFL World Readiness Standards, and best practices for teaching and learning.

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Join us for a week in our nation’s capital to meet new colleagues, collaborate on exciting projects, and create materials that will make language learning come alive for your students. Local and residential participants welcome.

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What is the Summer Institute Like?

The NOVASTARTALK summer institute is held in Virginia, right outside Washington D.C. Our workshops are designed to help teachers refine their use of technology and 21st century language pedagogy in the official STARTALK languages. In the face-to-face program, teachers of less-commonly-taught languages (Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Hindi, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Swahili, Turkish, Urdu) create technology-enhanced activities to expand the curriculum presently in place in their schools. We emphasize technology to support standards-based language learning and target-language use.

Classes are held from 9am – 5pm with a one-hour lunch break.  Students will have access to the labs to allow ample time for project creation.  The culminating activity of each week is a showcase where participants share what they have created for use in their classroom.

The first week of the summer institute is specifically for those that are brand new to technology.  The pace is comfortable, and novices are given hands-on attention from both the instructors and the instructional assistants.  If you are brand new to NOVASTARTALK, this is also an ideal week for you to join us to become acclimated with the institute.

The second week of the summer institute is for those that are returning to NOVASTARTALK or who have an intermediate to advanced understanding of technology.  We invite participants of week two to bring materials, projects and ideas that they are currently using in their classroom, so that the team can work with them to enhance them with meaningful uses of technology.  The pace is slightly quicker in week two due to the short amount of time for project development, but the instruction is differentiated to accommodate the different technical levels present amongst participants.

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About Our Participants

NOVASTARTALK participants have the opportunity to work with a cohort of instructors from across the nation on the common goal of bringing new technology into their classrooms for student engagement.  The education is differentiated for all levels of technology and mastery of the standards for foreign language learning – participants learn side-by-side with their peers and benefits from the sharing of knowledge.  Even after they leave the program, participants continue to collaborate with their colleagues on the site’s forum and in the galleries, thereby forming a personal learning network dedicated to better teaching and learning in the target language. Or, see what our participants are saying about NOVASTARTALK.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments that you may have.  We look forward to learning as much from you as we hope you’ll learn from us!