Activities Overview

Much like the face-to-face NOVASTARTALK workshop, this site is built in units and individual activities.  Users may approach units sequentially or go right to the lessons that suit their instructional needs.  Given that individuals will come to this site with varying technical skill levels and backgrounds, the lessons are meant to be chosen a la carte.  Choose the activities that are consistent with your skill-level and that are beneficial to your target audience (ie. K-12, Higher Ed).

In working through the units, you’ll want to begin by reading the introduction and rationale for learning the various software/materials relating to that specific unit.  Afterwards, you’ll browse through the Activities for that unit and pick and choose activities based on your skill level.  Many of the activities are tailored towards various skill levels, and very few have challenging prerequisites – you’ll find that you’ll be able to dive right in to the majority of our content.

Whether you are a teacher or teacher developer, have fun exploring the site and building up a custom lesson plan for yourself based on your own learning goals.