Units & Activities

Much like the face-to-face NOVASTARTALK workshop, this site is built in units and individual activities.  Users may approach units sequentially or go right to the lessons that suit their instructional needs.  Given that individuals will come to this site with varying technical skill levels and backgrounds, the lessons are meant to be chosen a la carte.  Choose the activities that are consistent with your skill-level and that are beneficial to your target audience (ie. K-12, Higher Ed).

We have individualized help for you based on your role, as a Teacher or a Teacher Developer.  While these activities are for individuals looking to learn the concepts included on the site, we’ve also included tips for Teacher Developers who would like to use this site to teach face-to-face, hybrid or online versions of the NOVASTARTALK Workshop.  The activities on this site can be configured to reach workshop participants of any skill level or technical background.

  • For Teachers
    As you click on each unit, you’ll notice that suggested activities are included specific to that unit.  Choose from the activities provided, or browse all activities that match your skill level.
  • For Teacher Developers
    As you browse through the units, you’ll see that we’ve included recommendations for activities that work particularly well in F2F workshops.  Pick and choose from these activities, or mix and match from the larger list of all lessons in the system.

Gallery and Forum
As you complete the various units and activities, you will begin to amass a collection of work that you’ve created throughout the process.  We encourage you to share your work with others online (similar to the way that we share work in the F2F workshop and on the NOVASTARTALK wiki) in our Fourms.  From time to time, we’ll pull examples of our students work for inclusion in our Galleries.  In addition, many activities will have discussion boards available where you can extend the module beyond the scope covered on this site.  Post questions, comments and links to resources out on the web that are related to the lessons that we’ve covered on the site from the Forum link in the toolbar above.

Find yourself stuck on a particular lesson or concept?  Contact one of our experts from the Contact Us at the top of the screen.  We’ll answer your question, point you in the right direction, and document your issue in the Forum if it is helpful to the entire NOVASTARTALK community.