Post Assignments from NOVASTARTALK 2012 Week One

Post the URLs to any of the materials that you have created throughout the week into this forum. Tell us a little bit about how you would use these tech tools in the classroom.

NOVASTARTALK Morning Assignment for Monday, July 2, 2012

Leave your student assignment in the comments box below on how you will use the photos/videos collected at the Freer or online in a task for your students to complete that highlights the culture of your target region or country.

– Find photos/video online or in the Freer Gallery of culturally rich art and artifacts
– Create a short assignment for your students that would utilize these photos or video
– Post your short assignment here on this gallery

General Questions

For general questions about how to use the site, post your questions and comments below. The instructors of NOVASTARTALK will regularly check this forum throughout the year, so please feel free to leave us questions at any time.