Puppet Apps

Role-playing apps such as Sock Puppets and Puppet Pals HD allow students to engage in interpersonal communicative tasks which can then be recorded as individual videos to be shared with the class and presented for feedback. Weekend plan (Created by Dali Tan) Weekend plan I can create more interpersonal mode tasks both inside and outside[…]


Digital Storytelling with Various Apps

After a brief introduction on digital storytelling, an instructional methodology where students/teachers use Web 2.0 tools to combine multimedia to tell a story, participants of the NOVASTARTALK Summer Institute created digital stories using the programs Adobe Voice (iPad), Sock Puppets (iPad) and Storybird (PC).  These projects could be used as short lessons for students or[…]


Creating Interactive Lessons and Portfolios Using BlendSpace

Participants in the NOVASTARTALK Summer Institute learned about Blendspace, a free online application that allows users to combine different types of media (web pages, videos, simulations, documents, images, etc.) into a cohesive and navigable web page. They used Blendspace as a way to organize and showcase the many products that they created throughout the week.[…]

Audio Whiteboard Videos with ScreenChomp

ScreenChomp is an iPad app that allows users to make annotations and doodles on the screen while narrating and recording. The instructors downloaded images and then wrote in the target language while they recorded their audio at the same time. Rozita A Mostofi, Parivash K Eidizadeh, Farideh N Jahanbin, Gita Sadeh Shariat: http://www.screenchomp.com/t/7mdTFy2P http://www.screenchomp.com/t/KHVYvtEfmc http://www.screenchomp.com/t/7caBJrHVBr

myBrainshark for Integrated Performance Assessments

myBrainshark is a free, online tool used to create online and mobile presentations.  The easy-to-use interface lets users combine pre-existing PowerPoint presentations, images and video, documents and PDF files with narration and background music for a standalone, playable movie. Below are several presentations created by our instructors that could be used as part of an[…]

Word Clouds with Tagxedo

Tagxedo turns words — famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters — into a visually stunning word cloud, words individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrence within the body of text. NOVASTARTALK instructors particularly enjoy this program as it supports characters in many of the STARTALK languages, allowing them[…]

Collaborative Walls with Padlet

Padlet is a simple, drag-and-drop application that allows you and your students to make collaborative online walls. Think of it as a free smartboard where images, videos and text can be shared with the click of a mouse. Padlet was used for participants to introduce themselves at the beginning of the face-to-face workshops. Here are[…]