NOVASTARTALK is a project of the National Security Language Initiative’s STARTALK program, a federally-supported initiative that promotes the teaching of critical languages in America’s schools as well as the creation of learning materials, courses and workshops to support those languages.

Participants take part in hands-on technology workshops held throughout the year where they are lead by a team of expert instructors on the application of emerging tech programs in the standards-based language classroom.  These workshops are led both in-person during the Summer Institute and as webinars online, and are open to instructors teaching any of the Startalk languages.

This website is an online version of NOVASTARTALK, a modular workshop designed by Northern Virginia Community College to help teachers integrate technology tools and 21st century standards-based language pedagogy in less commonly-taught language (LCTL) classrooms.

Learning Outcomes

Regardless of the technology applications taught at the live sessions, all participants of NOVASTARTALK will be able to do the following at the completion of each session:

  • Apply the Standards for Foreign Language Learning while creating STARTALK language materials.
  • Apply the principles of brain-compatible learning and differentiated instruction in the activities that they produce.
  • Use technology tools that promote real communication and student engagement in language classes (i.e. MERLOT, wikis, blogs, podcasts, social media, social bookmarking, screen capture, audio and video tools, cartoon makers, word clouds and more)
  • Create their own personal toolkit of materials to be used in lesser-taught language courses and shared with colleagues in the target languages.
  • Integrate standards-based, technology-enhanced activities in their language course syllabi  during the summer workshop and beyond.