Reframing Technology for Today’s Millenials

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Welcome to this supplemental resource for the presentation “Reframing Technology for Today’s Millenials,” a part of GMU STARTALK: Transitioning Korean Native and Heritage Teachers into the Culture of US Schooling.  Participants in this workshop, please use the following tools below when prompted during the presentation.

Poll #1: Do You Teach with Technology?

Poll #2: What Technology Have You Used in the Classroom?

Click on the button below to open the poll. Submit examples of technology that you have used in your classroom. This will help to create a word cloud – more frequent answers will be listed in larger type.
Go to Poll on AnswerGarden

Worksheet: Technology-Enhanced Lesson Plan

Complete the simple form below to create a lesson plan that combines a sample assignment with technology. If you want to save the results, enter your email address at the bottom of the form to have them sent to you. This form was adapted for NOVASTARTALK with materials from STARTALK and ACTFL. You can download a printable copy here.

Technology-Enhanced Lesson Plan Worksheet
Example: Holidays, Weather, Healthy Eating, Travel
List in Minutes
Example: Classroom, Online, Homework Assignment
What applications will you need to use to create the lesson?
What technology applications will students need to use to complete this lesson?
Give a brief overview of what the lesson will be about and what you would like to cover.
What will students KNOW at the end of the lesson?
What will students be able to DO at the end of the lesson?
What will students produce? What will they demonstrate? How will you know that the students have learned the content?

Instructional Plan

List the steps that will occur in the lesson. Include both your instruction and student performance.
How will you introduce the material? How will you begin the lesson? How will you connect the new content to previous lessons?
What will students do at each point in the lesson? What will you do?
How will you end the lesson? What reflective activities will you provide?

Communication Standard

How does this lesson address the three communicative modes - interpretive communication, interpersonal communication, and presentational communication?
Example: Students listen to/read authentic content, and answer questions to show comprehension. Authentic content might be a video, presentation or text. Teacher provides feedback.
Example: Students engage in conversations related into the interpretive content listed above. Conversations may be recorded.
Example: Students share research, ideas and opinions via presentational content (videos, speeches, slides, posters, websites, etc.)
How will you measure the effectiveness of the lesson once it has been completed? Will you use a rubric or similar tool?
We will email your answers listed above to this address.