Todays Meet – An easy to use collaboration tool

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Todays Meet is a free micro-blogging site without logins.  It allows teachers to easily create a virtual chat room where students can speak up.  Its interface is very easy to use and like Twitter, it uses a 140-character limit. The information discussed can be saved.


Collaborative Tools




Communication, Communities, Comparisons, Connections, Cultures


Advanced, Beginner


Visit Todays Meet Website


PC or Mac


How to navigate the Internet


At the end of this lesson, you will be able to

  • Locate the site to create a chat room
  • Create a chat room
  • Share the room with the students
  • Give students directions to use the room
  • Print out a transcript for the chat
  • Decide how to use Todays Meet in language classrooms


Access to Internet

Step-By-Step Instructions

How to use Todays Meet?

  • Go to



Follow the steps to create your meeting room:

  • Type the name of your room in the “Name your room” area. You will see an url with a green check under your named room indicating that the room is available.

name room

  • Click on the down arrow in the “Close the room in” area to choose how long you want to keep the room open and how long the data in the room will be saved.  Remember that you are not creating a web page that will stay on the Internet forever.  You only want to create a discussion room that will go online for a certain period of time. You may want to choose the option for one or two hours so your students won’t be able to go on there to put something that shouldn’t be there after the class.

close the room

  • Click on the “Create your Room” area to create the discussion room.

create room

  • Once your room has been created, copy the room url to send it to your students.

name room

  • Now we are in the meeting room area, type your name and then click on Join to join the meeting



  • Now in the Message area, type your message and click on Say.  Your message will appear in the Listen area including your name and the time you entered the message.  Please note the number of characters displayed (129). This means that I can still type another 129 characters in this message.  Remember the 140 character limit?  You can always start a new message if you have more to say in one message


  • Another user “Joan” has joined the meeting room using the url I gave her


  • Click on the “projector” link if all the students are in one room and you want to ask them to view the discussion on the screen with an enlarged view.



  • If you need a transcript of the discussion, click on the Transcript link to come to this page where you can do a screen capture of the page or print out the page.




Additional Resources and Works Cited


Activity Management

Suggestions for Language Class Use:

You can brainstorm ideas and conduct formative assessment.   You can have a pop-up discussion on topics that you just covered in the classroom such as cultural or language reflections.  For example, you can show a video clip in your target language and then post a question about the video,  ask students to give a summary of the video or ask students to post questions on the video.

Before using Todays Meet, make sure to set ground rules.  Give the purpose of the discussion to the students and ask them to stay on the topic and respectful.  Be aware that if a student made a bad comment, you can’t delete it.  You should handle it the same way if a student makes a bad comment in the classroom.

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