Collaborative Walls with Padlet

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Padlet is a simple, drag-and-drop application that allows you and your students to make collaborative online walls. Think of it as a free smartboard where images, videos and text can be shared with the click of a mouse. Padlet was used for participants to introduce themselves at the beginning of the face-to-face workshops.


Here are some other examples of Padlet created by our participants:

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Icebreaker fun facts about your class mates-guess who game using Padlet (Created by Nishita)
Class Introductions with Padlet (Created by 2013 NOVASTARTALK Participants)
Documenting a Potluck with Padlet (Created by 2014 NOVASTARTALK Participants)
Vocabulary Lesson Using Padlet (Created by Madhu Maheshwari)
Using Padlet for Class Introductions (Created by 2015 NOVASTARTALK Participants)
Create a Discussion About Summer Activities (Created by Hu Lao Shi)
Padlets to Share Ideas and Culture (Created by Kanika Puri)
Creating a Classroom Discussion Board on Padlet (Created by Ridhima Puri)
Class Introductions with Padlet (Created by Emma Lin)
Using Padlet for Class Introductions (Created by 2014 NOVASTARTALK Participants)

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