KEEPVID – A useful site to download online videos

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Keepvid is a website that you can use to download any video from a website so that you can insert it to your presentations to use offline.


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Communication, Communities, Comparisons, Connections, Cultures


Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Novice


Visit KEEPVID Website


PC or Mac




At the completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Locate a video on You tube site
  • Copy its address
  • Go to www.keepvid
  • Paste the address in keepvid address area
  • Download and save a file to a location where you can retrieve it later
  • Insert the video file into one of your presentation tools such as PowerPoint



Step-By-Step Instructions


Keepvid is a website that you can use to download any video from a website so that you can insert it to your presentations to use it offline.

How to use KEEPVID?

  • Go to

  • Enter the web address of the video you wish to download in the highlighted area above.  For example, I am interested in finding some videos about the Chinese inventions.  I went to You tube site, used “Chinese inventions” to search for videos.  The search came back with a lot of videos.  I picked this one:  so I will copy this web address and paste it in KEEPVID’s search area as shown in the image below


  • DO NOT click on the two big download buttons.  If you click on them, they will take you to some other download sites.  Click on the grey DOWNLOAD button only


  • Wait for a few seconds, the files will be ready for you to download in different formats.  As to which format to download, it all depends on how you want to use it.  The most popular video format that can be used in a lot of devices is MP4 format. In this tutorial, we will just download MP4 file.

  • Click on the Download MP4 link to download the video.  When the pop up window appears, check the Save File option, click on OK, then choose the location on your computer to save the file.  Make sure NOT to click on the two big DOWNLOAD NOW and WATCH NOW buttons.

  • Now you can insert the video into your presentations


  • There are some copyright related issues with downloading video files.  Please go to this article for references

How can you use KEEPVID in the classroom?

Suggestions for Language Class Use:

There are a lot of instructional videos available online that you can use in your classroom.  Obviously sometimes you want to use them but your Internet connection is either bad or slow.  Or sometimes the videos you want to use may disappear from the sites you originally found them.  So it is always a good idea for you to download them so you can either insert them into your presentation or use them later, granted that your use is not in violation of the copyright law.

If you have a website, you can insert the downloaded file to the site so you can direct your students to your site to view them.  You can also insert the video into your presentation tools like PowerPoint, Brainshark, etc.



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Activity Management

  • Discuss the benefits of downloading online videos
  • Discuss copyright issues with video downloading and their uses
  • Demonstrate the process of locating video, downloading and saving the video
  • Allow participants to spend time repeat the steps above
  • Have members of the class show their presentations
  • Discuss the ways they can use this tool to support learning objectives in the classroom.

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