2012 Fall Webinar: Fun with VoiceThread and Brain Compatible Learning

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Led by Dr. Marjorie Hall-Haley, this lively and interactive webinar presented the notion that each learner has multiple learning styles and intelligences that develop throughout a lifetime. Focus is placed on using Voice Thread as a highly effective technology tool for instructional practices, teaching strategies, and assessment. Participants were asked to bring their own ideas and suggestions to share during this session as the group collaboratively explored implications of working with culturally, linguistically, and cognitively diverse learners.

Watch the Webinar

This webinar was hosted in Adobe Connect – click on the link below to watch online.  We will be making this recording available in other downloadable formats.

[button size=”small” color=”grey” url=”https://connect.asu.edu/p6qghbbugvj” target=”_blank”]Fun with VoiceThread and Brain-Compatible Learning[/button]

Download the Resource Files

The following materials were available for download as a supplement to the lesson.

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