Using dotSUB to Share Your Videos with Your Own Subtitles

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DotSub is a free program that allows you to upload, transcribe, translate and share your own videos in multiple languages.  You can easily bring in video content for use in dotSub by linking to any video in YouTube.  This is a great tool for new learners as they can easily switch between the English subtitles and the subtitles in the target language.


Audio Tools, Online and Social Media Resources, Presentation Tools, Video Tools


1 – 2 hours


Communication, Communities, Cultures


Beginner, Intermediate


Visit dotSub Website


PC or Mac


  • Basic use of Internet
  • How to type world languages characters


At the end of the lesson, workshop participants will be able to:

  • Explain what dotSUB is and why it is useful to teach languages.
  • List the kind of tasks that would be appropriate for their students using dotSUB.
  • Explain how to design tasks focused on student collaboration.
  • Give an example of one activity in a lesson plan using dotSUB in alignment with the Standards for Foreign Language Learning.
  • Describe how to assess students’ learning progress using dotSUB.
  • Critique the effectiveness for language teaching of other dotSUB projects.
  • Create their own dotSUB projects.
  • Teach their students how to make their own dotSUB projects.


Capability to type special characters on your computer in the target language

Step-By-Step Instructions


  1. Go to dotSUB
  2. Go to Featured Translations to explore the usage examples of dotSUB.
  3. List the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of dotSUB examples for language class use.
  4. Develop an example of one activity for your daily lesson plan using dotSUB.
  5. Write goals and objectives for your activity.
  6. Identify the task your students will be performing.
  7. List standards addressed in your activity and rationale.
  8. Describe how students will be collaborating.
  9. Describe how to assess students’ learning progress performed in dotSUB.

Working in dotSub

Now you are ready to create your own video using dotSUB.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Get Started-Signup tab at the right side.      
  3. Provide the information.  Check the Agree with the dotSUB Terms of use box.  Click Signup tab below.
  4. Go to the e-mail account you just provided and click on the validation link.    
  5. Type your username and password above.  Click login.
  6. Once you are logged in, you should be able to see your name.  
  7. Click Post a New Video on your right.  
  8. Provide a title and short description.  Select one from LicenseLanguageCounty and Genre
  9. Type the information for Producer and Director.   Check the box if you would like to make your video public (You can   always change your settings later).  Click upload file if you have a video you would like to use on your computer.    Click Choose file.  
  10. Click a video on your computer and click Choose.     
  11. Click Upload
  12. If you know the links of the video, one of the YouTube videos, for example, copy the URL.  
  13. Click Create from existing internet address, paste the URL and click Upload.  
  14. Now you should see the video uploaded with a title and a short description under My Personal Videos
  15. To start working on your video, click the image of the video. 
  16. You should see the video player on the left and three different topics:Translate and TranscribeVideo properties,         and Share.  To transcribe your video, click the triangle shape next to the topic and click Transcribe Video
  17. Click the tab at the bottom to use the advanced timing user interface.  
  18. To add a transcription, type in the box.  You can control when to appear and disappear the line by changing the  numbers on the left box.   Play the video player and see how your subtitle looks.  Click + sign on the right when you  are  happy with your transcript.   
  19. Now you should see the lines uploaded on the right side of the video.   if you would like to rewrite your transcription  and change the timing of the subtitle, move your mouse next to the transcript below Edit.  You should see a pencil icon.  Click it to edit.         
  20. Click check mark when you are happy with your transcript.      
  21. To complete your project.   Click Mark this transcription complete.   
  22. Click OK.  Note that once you click OK you cannot modify the transcription again.   
  23. Now you should see your video with the transcription in your selected language.    
  24. Once your transcription is complete, you should able to see Translate into below Translate and Transcribe.  Select  the  language and click Translate.     
  25. Click to translate into your selected language.       
  26. Type in your translation in the box.  Hit return key to complete the translation.   
  27. You should see both your transcription and translation under Caption.  If you are happy with it, click Back to Video.    
  28. Now you see the translation of the video.  
  29. You should be able to select one in two languages for your video. 
  30. To modify your video properties: limit the access to the video, for example, click the triangle icon next to Video properties.   To get the information for sharing the video, click the triangle icon next to Share.  

Activity Management


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