Flip Cameras for World Languages

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Flip video cameras are a useful tool in language classes as they are extremely easy to use and fairly inexpensive. With a class set of flip cameras, students can interview each other, perform skits in the target language, create their own “commercials” or music videos and much more. In order to produce a “professional” video, students will work on their project from storyboarding to rehearsal and finally to filming.


Collaborative Tools, Presentation Tools, Video Tools


3 hours


Communication, Communities


Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Novice


Visit Flip Cameras Website


PC or Mac




At the end of the lesson, users will be able to:

  • Record their own videos in the target language
  • Conduct oral interviews and role plays
  • Record short oral report
  • Work in small groups and create class projects
  • Practice speaking the target language with no inhibition


  • Flip camera
  • Computer and ability to upload videos on a computer and edit (if necessary) using either Windows Movie Maker or iMovie

Note: No special software is needed to upload the films onto your computer. The cameras come with a pre-loaded software.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Here are the basics:

  • Flip cameras are easy to use.
  • They have a built in digital camera and a built in microphone.
  • They have only a few buttons: Turn on/off, Record, Play, Delete and Zoom buttons. That’s it! Here is an image that shows you everything:

Flip Camera Demonstration

Video: How to Use a Flip Camera (Mohamed Esa)

Record an Interview with a Partner

  1. Turn on the flip camera
  2. Point the camera toward yourself and ask a question
  3. Turn the camera around and tape your partner answering the question. Repeat these steps until you are finished with Interview.
  4. Plug in the camera into your computer using the flip-out USB arm
  5. Follow instructions on the screen to upload your video onto your computer.
  6. Edit your video using the software provided by the Flip camera
  7. Upload your video onto YouTube or any other online video site.

Activity Management


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