Creating a Personal Collection of Online Resources with MERLOT

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This module is designed to introduce new users to the features of the MERLOT World Languages collection and to demonstrate how to use MERLOT as a teaching resource.


Online and Social Media Resources


1-2 hours


Communication, Communities, Comparisons, Connections, Cultures


Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Novice


Visit MERLOT Website


PC or Mac




The learner will:

  • Watch and discuss a video about MERLOT
  • Create a well-developed Member Profile
  • Identify learning materials in his/her target language
  • Create two short annotated Personal Collections in MERLOT


Internet access

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • Log into MERLOT by clicking log in on the home page.
  • Search for a language material (Example: Animated German Grammar)
  • Look at the material Detail View and observe if it is in other Personal Collections, if it is peer–reviewed or if it has a learning assignment.
  • Click on the Location link to go right to the learning object. Explore the site.
  • Let’s try and put this in our new Personal Collection (Suggested collection title: German Language presentations)
  • Go back to Detail View for the material that you want to add to your collection. Click the grey button on the box on the right titled  Add to a Personal Collection
  • In the first drop down menu, select Add to New Collection.
  • In the box entitled Your Annotation, put in your Annotation for Animated German Grammar, click Add Item.
  • You will now be prompted to name the whole collection, not just this item. You will eventually want to build different collections and sort your finds differently. (Example annotation: This collection contains presentations on German grammar suitable for the classroom)
  • Once you have annotated the collection and this item, you can save and finish.
  • You can now use your MERLOT Search methods to look for other materials to put in the collection you have just created. You can also create new collections to suit your own needs.

To complete this activity, please build two Personal Collections in MERLOT, each with a minimum of three annotated entries. These sites should be materials you will use in teaching. You may want one of them to be about a skill in your target language (reading, speaking, writing, listening) and the other to be about important generic topics that you will find in the Multilingual category of MERLOT World Languages (e.g. Assessment, culture)

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