Audio and Video Studio on a Dime

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The following webinar was a part of the 2011 NOVASTARTALK Webinar Series held online in Adobe Connect. The 2.5 hour session covered creating rich media in audio and video format for use in the world languages classroom. We covered ways to extend time-on-task and learner exposure to the target language with tools that allowed both the instructor and the students to utilize audio and video. Participants saw demonstrations of some of the latest and greatest new media applications, the majority of them 100% free for use. They also engaged with fellow instructors on the ways in which the
applications that shown could be used to meet standards-based instruction.

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2 thoughts on “Audio and Video Studio on a Dime

  • Hi Angela,
    I am signed up for the 2013 online series to start tomorrow. The one question that has been puzzling me is how to incorporate non-English font into these tools? for example, I teach Hindi – that has its own script. How do I write a blog on blogger using the Devnagri script, etc.? Any help in this regard would be very helpful.

    Look forward to tomorrow’s webinar!

    • Great question – in our face-to-face workshops, we typically show participants how to leverage the tool built into most PCs to change the keyboard language ( Many of the free tools that we use support cutting/pasting the characters directly into the program.

      Another option is to use a web-based keyboard to type characters and cut/paste them into the program. Lexilogos has a great collection (including Devangari) at Some people even use Google Translator just to generate the characters and then tweak them slightly in the text box and then cut and paste them.

      Long story short, there are many ways that you can incorporate characters into tech tools.

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